Guides for Buying a Fish Feed Making Machine

Aquaculture, which is the fastest growing food production sector in the world, currently accounts for nearly 50% of all world food fish and can be considered an income-generating activity. Fish farming is expensive because fish feed accounts for at least 60% the production cost. Many farmers buy fish feed making machine to lower the cost of producing their own fish feed.

People usually shop online before buying a fish feed machine. There are many machines available online from different companies, each with a unique or similar appearance. These four tips are important to remember, regardless of the type of feed machine that you choose.

Guides for Buying Fish Feed Machine

The Top Four Prerequisites

1. Qualitative

Quality is the key to fish feed production. It is important to know about the machine’s structure, quality, and materials. A CE certificate is required to choose a fish feed machine.

2. Cost

A significant aspect of machine purchase is the cost. It is best to buy the most affordable pellet mills from suppliers or manufacturers. But quality and cost are directly proportional. It is important to know what your production requirements, feed quality requirements, and budget are before you choose the right one.

3. Operation

The key to buying a machine is its operation. It is easy to use the machine, which not only makes it convenient but also reduces maintenance costs.

4. After-sale service

Before you buy a machine, it is important to have after-sales service. After-sales service is essential to resolve any problems that may arise during the operation. A pellet mill supplier or manufacturer that can provide excellent after-sales service is a better choice. Any problem can be resolved by just a phone call or email.

There are problems with most fish feed machine re-sellers

Apart from the above, you should also know that many online retailers and other retailers offer fish feed machines to customers so they can make their own fish pellets. These are the problems that feed machine retailers or re-sellers have to address in order to save time and money.

Floating Fish Feed Machine
Fish feed making machine for sale

1. Fish feed machines are sold with incorrect descriptions

This machine is known as a “dry pelletizer” and is sold by some retailers. It is designed to produce small quantities of wood pellets from wet sawdust. This equipment is a waste of money if you want to make water stable, or even floating feed.

2. There is no support for feed machines

Many of the re-sellers don’t have any experience with the feed machines and can’t provide support for their customers.

3. Re-sold Pellet mills with mark-up

Today’s fish feed machines have gone through many re-sellers before reaching their final consumers. Each company makes a profit by adding to the pellet machine’s price. A re-seller usually charges 30% more than the purchase price. Some re-sellers charge a markup of between 100% and 200% on equipment purchased from manufacturers. This does not include delivery.

You should avoid buying feed machines from online retailers or re-sellers. The best way to get affordable machines is to purchase directly from the machine manufacturer.


Online shopping for fish feed machines can be a great way to save time and money. It is not easy to buy online. Deep investigation is required. You should look at their websites, Youtube videos, customer news pages, trade cases, and other information. Ask technical questions to ensure professionalism and skill when you interact with the salesperson online.

Our fish feed machinery is able to satisfy customers with respect to quality, price, delivery time, specifications, and pre-sale as well as after-sales service. Our online trading has been very successful and we have maintained a good relationship with our customers for many years. We have extensive knowledge of aquafeed production in many countries. This will be a great help in your investment in aquafeed production.

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