Floating Fish Feed Machine In Nigeria

Nigeria is the number one fish consumer in the world. Many farmers are starting fish farming to meet their family’s needs or for more profit. There are many opportunities for commercial fish farming in Nigeria. Fish feed is a key factor in fish farming. It can provide fish with better digestion and absorption, as well as a better environment. Many fish feed machines are used in Nigeria to produce fish feed. Fish farming is a complex business that requires the use of fish feed machines. Let’s take a look at Nigeria’s floating fish feed and feed machine.

Floating Fish Feed Extruder For Sale

Fish Feed Making Process

We need to have a clear understanding of fish feed before we can discuss fish feed machines. According to its buoyancy, fish feed can be divided into three types: floating, slow sinking or sinking. Floating aquafeed is ideal for Tilapia, Crucian, Ranidae, Weever, and other fish feeds. Floating fish feed is a popular choice in Nigerian fish farming. Floating fish feed machines are highly in demand in fish farming.

Fish feed production in Nigeria is a profitable venture thanks to the government’s support as well as the availability of great raw materials locally. These are the main steps in Nigerian feed production:

  • Gather raw ingredients such as maize, cowpeas and groundnuts.
  • Clean and remove any impurities from the materials.
  • To make feed pellets, feed the powdery ingredients to a fish feed extruder.
  • The pellets can then be dried in a dryer or a cooler, and then they can be given to the fish.
  • Optional: Packing feed pellets using the package machine

Process for Floating Fish Feed Extrusion

Extrusion is essential in making floating fish feed. What is extrusion? What is extrusion?

Extrusion generally involves high temperatures for a short period of time. To allow the feed to expand as it leaves the die, a temperature greater than 100 degrees Celsius is required. High temperature is required for dry fish feed extruders. This can be achieved by the dissipation mechanical energy from heated surfaces like barrel and screw surface or by shear forces between wall and material. Materials begin to gellatinize starches and denature proteins at high temperatures. The screw then forces materials through the die. Materials are formed at the outlet.

Preconditioning and steam injection are used to control the temperature of the wet extruder. The material is also subject to high pressure. The extrusion will occur due to the pressure difference between the extruder’s interior and the environment outside.

Fish Feed Machine for Sale

Fish feed machines improve the digestion of nutrients, increase the food’s palatability, and promote the stability and storage of formed feed particles. This fish feed machine is necessary or desirable in Nigeria in order to make floating feed for the species that are to be fed.

The Main Features of the Fish Feed Making Machine

  • This pellet extruder makes fish food that is puffy, which is easier to digest for the fishes.
  • To feed various sizes of fishes, the fish feed pellet size can range from 0.9-10mm.
  • The puffing fish feed pellets will float on the surface of the water for 12 hours without settling.
  • The pellets can be digested easily by high temperature and pressure.

Modern fish farming requires that fish farmers are aware of the benefits of modern machinery and systems before they adopt them. Our fish feed machinery is a professional manufacturer of floating fish feeder machines. We offer a variety of machines to suit different capacities. We can also customize fish feed machines to meet customer’s specific requirements. We also offer spare parts, wear parts, and formulating. We can provide customers with continuous information about the fish feed manufacturing machinery.

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