Sinking Fish Feed Machine

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Sinking Fish Feed Machine
Sinking Fish Feed Machine Price

With the rapid development of the aquaculture industry and the increasing number of farmed species, the demand for floating pellet feed and sinking pellet feed has increased considerably. Therefore, setting up a fish feed processing line is considered the way to get rich nowadays. Fish, shrimps and other aquatic animals have small intestines and poor digestion and absorption capacity, so the process of aquatic feed is much higher than that of livestock and poultry feed.

ModelCapacity (kg/h)Main power (kw)Feeder power (kw)Screw Diameter (mm)Cutter power (kw)Machine size (mm)Weight (kg)

Working Principle of Sinking Fish Feed Machine

Under the extrusion pressure of the ring mold and the press roller of the fish sink feed machine, the powder with a certain temperature and humidity gets close to each other and rearranges. The air contained in the powder particles is gradually squeezed away, the powder is close to each other, and the relay increases, and is finally pressed into particles with a certain density and strength by the fish feed pellet machine.

In the pelleting process of the sedimentation fish feed pellet machine, the protein and sugar in the feed become plastic body after being heated, while the starch is partially gelatinized. Therefore, the pelleting process of aloes fish feed pelleting machine can be said to be an extrusion thermoplastic process, but after feed pelleting, the gelatinization degree of starch is generally about 30% or lower, which is mainly completed by steam conditioning.

If you want to improve the gelatinization degree of starch, you must extend the conditioning time or use a conditioning tank. Compared with the sedimentation type fish feed extruder, the improvement of gelatinization degree by sedimentation type fish feed extruder is limited. However, the aquatic animal submerged particles produced by the submerged fish feed pellet machine are very suitable for aquatic animals and benthic shrimp, herring submerged.

Some processing of heavy fish feed manufacturers will be configured after the pelleting process of heavy fish feed pellet machine, but we generally do not recommend this. The surface of broken fish feed particles is rough, and it is easy to absorb water and collapse the fish feed particles, which affects the stability of fish feed in water.

Advantages of Fish Sinking and Floating Feed

Particles are small in size

Due to the short digestive tract of aquatic animals and related physiological characteristics, the size of aquatic feed should be smaller than that of livestock feed in order to speed up digestion and absorption. Eel and shrimp, for example, should be fed in 80 to 120 mesh sizes.

High protein and low carb

The protein content of animal feed is generally below 20%, while the protein content of aquatic animal feed is mostly in 30% ~ 40%, and the protein content of eel feed is as high as 65% ~ 70%.

Tight and Close Structure of Pellet Feed

Feed for fish and other aquatic animals should have high adhesion and water resistance.

Prevent cross contamination in feed production

Some raw materials need to be sterile treatment, the selected equipment should be easy to clean, less residue, especially in the production of shrimp, eel feed, shall not be produced at the same time other kinds of feed, to prevent cross contamination.

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